Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome To Paid Surveys Paypal

Hello and welcome to Paid Surveys Paypal. The purpose of this blog is to provide a free list of online paid surveys that pay their panelists using PayPal as the medium of compensation.

Please note that we are not a paid surveys company, neither do we distribute any survey ourselves, instead we tried our very best to compile the best survey sites that offer payments in PayPal. As some of you might noticed, most of online paid survey sites set their payment preferences to mail check when the minimum payout was reached. This incur many problems such as the insecurity of the mail delivery itself. Usually it can take up to several weeks before the paychecks arrived at your home and there were cases that recipients didn't receive the paychecks at all, even after months of issuing the payments. The good news is, we are now living in the world of e-market, where money transaction can now be easily made online, that means we don't have to wait anymore for receiving any payments especially from our hard work of doing the paid surveys. And to deliver that purpose, we have build up this blog of free list of paid surveys paid by PayPal.

Don't forget to subscribe and bookmark us for future reference. Thanks for dropping by, enjoy your stay here and good luck on making money with paid surveys PayPal.
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